When it comes to the 2016 race, the left is tearing itself apart on college campuses.

The Boston Globe reports.

College students backing Clinton are frustrated with ‘Bernie Bros’

As the youthful cult of Bernie Sanders supporters continues to draw converts, college-age Hillary Clinton fans are feeling outnumbered.

“I wouldn’t say I’m completely alone in my support for Hillary, but it’s definitely frustrating,” said George Washington University sophomore Katie Kamins, remarking on the rising tide of Sanders support among her peers. “I get a lot of negative feedback for my support for her.”

She recalled arguing with a friend and die-hard Sanders fan over lunch last month because they disagreed about who had won the Democratic debate in December. Kamins and many other college-age Clinton supporters see the overwhelming campus support for Sanders — from bands of “Bernie Bros” and other students — as naïve.

“It’s frustrating from my perspective that he’s getting so much support when this is her time,” Kamins said. “I feel like there’s a lot of ignorance among college students in regards to their support for Bernie.”

Kamins and other college students who support Clinton have found themselves part of a shrinking group. A majority of college students say they will back Sanders for the Democratic nomination. A poll of college students taken in the fall showed nearly 60 percent supported Sanders. Only 18 percent supported Clinton, a huge drop from the summer when she polled at 40 percent among college students. And a poll from earlier this month shows Sanders leading Clinton among primary voters under 45 by a 2-to-1 ratio.