Let’s hope we see more of this from our elected representatives.

Campus Reform reports.

Washington state rep. drafts bill to do away with ‘safe spaces’

Inspired by a story originally reported by Campus Reform, a state representative in Washington has introduced legislation defending free speech against the encroachment of “safe spaces.”

State Rep. Matt Manweller told Campus Reform that he plans to introduce his “Academic Bill of Rights” as soon as the General Assembly reconvenes in January, adding that many of his Republican colleagues have already agreed to sign on as co-sponsors, and that he has been encouraged by the interest Democrats have shown in the idea, as well.

Manweller told Jason Kantz in a recent KIRO Radio interview that he had watched the erosion of free speech on campuses elsewhere in the country with trepidation, and was inspired to take action in his home state after learning of several professors at Washington State University who had threatened to dock students’ grades for using non-inclusive language.

“I always thought it was other schools, not our schools,” Manweller said. “But then The Washington Post did an expose on Washington State University where they had uncovered all the syllabi saying, ‘if you used these words, if you write these words, you will fail or be punished in some way’.”