Illegal alien is too politically incorrect. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

Campus Reform reports.

UMD tells students to use ‘undocumented citizen’ not ‘illegal alien’

A poster displayed on the University of Maryland’s campus encourages students to stop using the term “illegal aliens” and instead use the perplexing formulation “undocumented citizen.”

The entire poster, photographs of which were obtained by Campus Reform, is intended to show students that “words have power” by demonstrating how several common phrases and expressions can be potentially hurtful to certain individuals.

“Would you say [illegal aliens] if you knew I am an undocumented citizen?” the poster asks.

As one self-identified student of the university pointed out on Reddit, however, there is just “one small problem” with that supposition, namely, that “an undocumented immigrant by definition is NOT a citizen.”

Among the other scenarios presented are saying “he looks like a terrorist” to someone who is “a United States veteran;” using the phrase “that’s so ghetto” around someone who “grew up in poverty;” and commenting that an “exam just raped me” in the presence of “a survivor of sexual assault.”