It would be a cheap source of fertilizer, right?

Eric Owens reported at the Daily Caller.

University Of Florida Professor: Fertilize Football Field With Huge Vats Of Pee

You want to save the environment, right? Live a sustainable lifestyle, save the world’s 13 Icelandic snow owls, that kind of thing.

Then you will certainly agree with a University of Florida professor’s idea to collect the massive amount of urine that trickles forth from the 90,000 or so fans who attend home football games at the University of Florida to fertilize the gridiron.

The professor is Treavor Boyer, reports Reuters.

Urine is chock–full of phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients, see, and those nutrients would help the grass grow green and strong at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field — popularly called “The Swamp.”

Boyer, an assistant professor in Florida’s department of environmental engineering sciences, wants to collect fans’ urine in massive vats and process it.

“What you’ll see is that you can collect enough nitrogen over those seven home football games to meet the nutrient requirements for that field for the growing season,” he told Reuters.

“So you collect urine in the storage tank. Then what you want is for it to sit for a period of time, probably on the order of several weeks. That allows it to change chemistry and it is an important change in chemistry where the nitrogen goes from urea, which is excreted from our metabolism and it gets transformed into ammonia.”