This would be the same Rutgers which recently spent a week honoring a communist.

The College Fix reports.

Rutgers leaders declare campus founded by pillaging racists, earmarks funds for diversity teach-ins

University marks 250th anniversary by launching ‘enslaved and disenfranchised populations in Rutgers history’ committee

As Rutgers University marks its 250th anniversary, university leaders have looked to the past, launching an “enslaved and disenfranchised populations in Rutgers history” committee to make up for “some facts that we have ignored for too long,” Rutgers Chancellor Richard Edwards recently announced.

“Our campus is built on land taken from the Lenni-Lenape, and a number of our founders and early benefactors were slave holders,” Edwards wrote in an email to the campus community. “Given our history as a colonial college, these are facts not unique to Rutgers, but it is time that we begin to recognize the rule that disadvantaged populations such as African Americans and Native tribes played in the University’s development.”

With that, Edwards announced the formation of a committee comprised of faculty, staff and students to study “enslaved and disenfranchised populations in Rutgers history.” Providing examples of what the committee may do, Edwards mentioned the recommendation of historical markers or establishment of symposia, lectures and teach-ins to address history.

“The committee will be charged with examining the role that the people of these disadvantaged groups played in the founding and development of Rutgers University, and with making recommendations to me on how the University can best acknowledge their influence on history,” he stated.

Early this year, Edwards created a new Diversity and Inclusion Office at Rutgers and launched a university-wide faculty diversity hiring initiative which aims to create “a diverse recruitment pool,” among other efforts.