College administrators are going to eventually regret making concessions like this one.

Red Alert Politics reports.

Occidental College giving into PC demands of students over ‘microaggressions’

It’s hard to keep track of all the student demands, but from the New York Post Editorial Board comes the situation at Occidental College, where Obama studied before transferring to Columbia University.

The students continue their crusade against professors, this time through a “microaggression” monitoring system. The system would allow students to report faculty members who offend them.

The New York Post also pointed to Reason magazine’s take on students from Occidental, where they found “God bless you” might be a microaggression.

The microaggression policy is being considered as part of the “Plan for Action,” drafted by the Occidental Faculty Council. As Reason noted:

Perhaps most worrying, the plan calls for a microaggression monitoring system that would allow students to report faculty members for offending them. The plan explains that this is necessary to correct “power imbalances between faculty and students.” But students will have too much power if they are granted the right to be safe from microaggressions—which are, by their very nature, subjective and relatively inconsequential. How are professors supposed to teach if they have to worry about being reported and investigated for unknowingly saying the wrong thing to a student?

Another part of the plan literally forces the insertion of race into every subject. According to the plan, “all departments must incorporate issues of cultural and racial identity and diversity in their curricula.”

Reason and the New York Post point the finger at the Oxy United for Black Liberation. Of the group’s demands, many of them are alarming or impractical, including disarming campus police and the increase of faculty of color by 100 percent in the next five years.