Well that was quick. Someone obviously realized what a PR nightmare this would become.

Boston.com reports.

Harvard apologizes for “social justice” placemats offering tips on talking to family about racism

Last week, Harvard students found themselves staring down at placemats in the dining hall that asked, among other interesting questions: “Why are Black students complaining? Shouldn’t they be happy to be in college?”

The university apologized on Wednesday for the “Holiday Placemats for Social Justice,” a misguided attempt to help students navigate winter break with curious family members after a tumultuous semester at many colleges nationwide.

The colorful, laminated sheets (which can be viewed in this Campus Reform article) are divided into four topic areas officials thought family might ask about, including student activism, Islamophobia, the Harvard’s controversial house master title change and black murders in the street.

The placemats offered helpful responses like: “When I hear students expressing their experiences of racism on campus, I don’t hear complaining. Instead I hear young people uplifting a situation that I might not experience.”

In response to the criticism, Stephen Lassonde, dean of student life, and Thomas Dingman, dean of freshmen, apologized in a letter on Wednesday:

“Our goal was to provide a framework for you to engage in conversations with peers and family members as you return home for the winter break, however, it was not effectively presented and it ultimately caused confusion in our community,” they wrote. “To suggest that there is only one point of view on each of these issues runs counter to our educational goals.”