This isn’t higher education, it’s left wing activism.

Campus Reform reports.

Emory University sends students to Baltimore to learn about ‘systematic racism’

Students from Emory University recently traveled to Baltimore for a four day trip centered around the arrest of Freddie Gray.

The trip was the culmination of a semester-long course, “Baltimore Up Rising,” in which students “address[ed] the black urban crisis,” which was brought to “international attention by the death of Freddie Gray.”

Eleven students traveled from Atlanta to Baltimore for the trip, which included a visit to the site of Gray’s arrest and a memorial.The students were also able to speak with a man who said he “heard Gray’s cries,” during the arrest.

As part of the course, students developed projects with groups in West and East Baltimore, including grassroots organizations. One group created brochures for the political advocacy group, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, to use for lobbying efforts. The course focused on four components in Baltimore: mass incarceration, educational inequality, racial inequality, and health care disparity.

In supporting the activist groups in Baltimore, students also created their own websites, including one titled “The Fight Against the New Jim Crow.” The group writes that the new Jim Crow began in 1971 when President Nixon declared the war on drugs; once incarcerated, prisoners were stripped of economic access and rights. The website explains that the trip to Baltimore allowed the students to “further help their partner organizations.”

Students also visited Renaissance Academy High School and met with officials to speak about drop outs, which they believe are the results of school closures and suspensions. The high school could possibly close following a stabbing in one of the classrooms last month.