If a college professor supports Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, which most of them do, it’s no big deal.

Supporting Donald Trump makes headlines though.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

College Condemns Professor’s Support for Trump’s Proposed Ban on Muslims

Morningside College is calling a professor’s support for Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States “outrageous and disappointing,” the Sioux City Journal reports. Sam Clovis, a national co-chairman of Mr. Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination for president, is also a tenured professor at the Iowa college, though he is currently on leave.

Mr. Clovis has publicly defended the proposal, which has been widely condemned as discriminatory and unconstitutional by other figures in the Republican Party, as well as civil-rights groups and government leaders. A spokesman for the college, Rick Wollman, has joined the chorus of opposition, saying in a statement, “We find his recent position to be outrageous and disappointing. When he was on campus, Dr. Clovis was a staunch defender of the Constitution and a strong advocate for religious freedom. His recent comments appear to be at odds with his earlier views.”

Mr. Wollman added that Mr. Clovis, a former talk-show host who teaches in the college’s department of economics, political science, and sociology, is “entitled to whatever personal opinions he would like to hold as long as he does nothing to suggest or imply that he speaks as a representative of Morningside College.” Mr. Wollman added that the professor had not told the college whether he planned to return from unpaid leave in the next academic year.