Today’s college students don’t seem far left enough so let’s start the indoctrination earlier.

Scott Greer reports at the Daily Caller.

Professor Aims To Turn Elementary Students Into Social Justice Warriors

A professor at the taxpayer-funded Montclair State University in New Jersey is hoping to train teachers to get excited about social justice.

The professor’s name is Bree Picower, associate professor of Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and Literacy Education at Montclair, and the workshop she teaches is called “Social Justice Curriculum Design for the Elementary Classroom.”

“This workshop is designed to help teachers visualize social justice education by providing examples of projects, making social justice in K-6 setting accessible, practical, and achievable,” the workshop’s description reads.

The workshop also requires students to “explore issues of social injustice, learn about social movements, raise awareness, and engage in activism.”

On her website, Using Their Words, Picower outlines the six elements of social justice education for students in elementary schools. They are: “Self-love and knowledge;” “Respect for Others;” “Issues of Social Injustice;” “Social Movements and Social Change;” “Awareness Raising;” and “Social Action.”

Picower also offers classroom projects for K-6 teachers. Some of the projects the Montclair professor would like teachers to implement include: “The CACAO Project: Children Against Chocolate Aided Oppression,” “2nd Graders Insights on Iraq,” “2nd Graders Go Fair Trade,” “Questioning Columbus,” and “Beat it! Defeat it! Racist Cookies, We Won’t Eat it!”