Is anyone else starting to grow weary of this idiocy?

Red Alert Politics reports.

‘Incestuous rapist’: William and Mary students demand removal of Thomas Jefferson statue

Earlier in the semester, students at the University of Missouri defaced the campus’ statute of Thomas Jefferson with post-it notes calling him a “racist rapist,” for example. A petition had also been started to call for its removal. While the unrest has been brought to a national level, the same issue with Jefferson is now being seen at other schools.

Thomas Jefferson is not even safe at his own alma mater — the College of William & Mary. President Woodrow Wilson is not safe at his alma mater either at Princeton, where he served as president. This is sadly not a shock.

Breitbart recently reported on similar campaigns on W&M campus as had been at Missouri. Post-it notes referred to Jefferson as an ‘incestuous rapist’ and ‘racist.’

In Breitbart’s reporting is also a link to a piece earlier this month in The Flat Hat, a student paper, titled “Reaction Should Be Based on Facts.” In it, author Miguel Locsin admits that he can see both sides condemning or hailing Jefferson. There is a particularly interesting point:

I found myself perplexed, not because someone dared to insult one of America’s greatest founders, nor because I found myself outraged that Thomas Jefferson, a racist slaveholder, has a prominent statue in our school. I found myself perplexed because I simply could not take a side, even though I felt like I should have easily been able to…

Why should have Locsin been able to though? He himself admits expressing emotion, in a rather clear statement, about how “Thomas Jefferson, a racist slaveholder, has a prominent statute in [his] school.” Perhaps this is because Jefferson is a noted alumni. Also, as Locsin does admit, there are many accomplishments to his name.