Campus protesters are trying to keep the momentum and news coverage of their actions going but an attempt at a national walkout fell flat on its face this week.

Black Wednesday: Day of Campus Walkout Ends in Abject Failure

An attempted follow-up to last week’s chaos on U.S. campuses ended in failure after the Black Justice League at Princeton’s call for a day of “national walkouts” failed to gather steam.

At Princeton, student activists from the Black Justice League staged a walkout demanding that the college’s Woodrow Wilson School be renamed. Their justification? Wilson was a racist. Of course. The students also demanded “cultural competency training” for all staff members and “a cultural space on campus dedicated specifically to black students.”

Unlike protests at Yale and Missouri, however, the faculty refused to back down and rejected the Black Justice League’s list of demands. Christopher Eisgruber, the President of Princeton University, gave the protesters a platitude instead: “I appreciate where those demands are coming from. I agree with you, Woodrow Wilson was a racist… In some people, you have good in great measure and evil in great measure.”

In a Facebook post announcing their walkout, the Black Justice League claimed they would be joined by “hundreds of university students across the world” in a “national walkout day.” This has not occurred. Nor did the walkouts receive the kind of media coverage lavished on student protests last week.

The Black Justice League’s failure comes amidst a backlash against campus crazies. The L.A. Times reports a growing counter-movement at Claremont McKenna College, where enraged campus activists recently forced the Dean, Mary Spellman, to resign.