This is where President Ronald Reagan went to college.

Peter Fricke of Campus Reform reports.

Student govt. at Ronald Reagan’s alma mater reluctant to recognize conservative groups

A student at Eureka College, Ronald Reagan’s alma mater, claims that his efforts to establish conservative groups on campus have been stymied by nitpicking from the school’s Student Senate.

Jordan Morris, a student at Eureka, told Campus Reform that he has been trying since the start of the school year to secure recognition from the Student Senate for a Conservative Union student group, which would function as an umbrella for several subordinate conservative organizations, but has repeatedly been rejected on the basis of semantic concerns that he claims have not been levelled against less-thorough constitutions submitted by other proposed groups.

In addition to serving as an outlet for conservative dialogue and activism on campus, the groups’ founders also envisioned hosting events such as a “Reagan’s Roots” conference—for which they made tentative space reservations a full year in advance, pending approval of the organizations when the Student Senate reconvened in the fall—and a Constitution Day celebration.

Morris said that he and his compatriots had secured faculty advisors for the Conservative Union, as well as for three of the five sub-groups—Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Life, and Turning Point USA—by the beginning of the semester, and proceeded to draw up constitutions for each of them, as required by school policy. Two other groups that Morris intended to organize, Students for Concealed Carry and Young Americans for Freedom, could not find faculty advisers and had to be abandoned.