You read the headline correctly. The administration of Dartmouth has issued an apology, not to the students who were trying to study in the library, but to the protesters who made a scene.

Blake Neff reported at the Daily Caller.

Dartmouth Admin APOLOGIZES To Protesters Who Menaced Students

Dartmouth College has responded to intensely negative national media coverage over a Black Lives Matter protest that harassed white students by issuing an apology, not to the students who were harassed, but instead to the protesters themselves for being subject to conservative criticism.

A group of about 150 Dartmouth students paraded Thursday through the school’s Baker-Berry Library, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and harassing students in the library who were attempting to study. A writer with the school’s independent conservative paper, The Dartmouth Review, claimed to see a girl pinned up against a wall as protesters called her a “filthy white bitch.”

Chants of “Fuck your white privilege!” and “You filthy white piece of shit!” were reported as well, and some witnesses claim doors were blocked off and specific students targeted for verbal attacks if they refused to join into the protest. One student who attempted to flee the protest reportedly came under a barrage of harassment from protesters who allegedly screamed obscenities at them.

The protest, unsurprisingly, has inspired a wave of critical media coverage, with writers focusing on both the verbal harassment and allegations that some students may have suffered physical attack.