The left has convinced itself that the Kochs are evil, no matter how untrue it is. They’re also using big money from liberal groups to promote an anti-Koch campaign at colleges.

Lachlan Markay reports at the Washington Free Beacon.

Deep-Pocketed Donors Behind Campus Anti-Koch Movement

Liberal foundations financing a nonprofit news venture that is reporting on donations made by the Koch Brothers to colleges are also financing on-campus groups protesting the Kochs’ donations.

The same foundations have also spent billions backing educational initiatives of their own that frequently promote left-wing policy agendas. Despite that spending, their grantees say that conservative and libertarian philanthropists are uniquely determined to advance their own views on campus at the expense of academic freedom.

The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news venture, on Friday published a story highlighting libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch’s contributions to, and involvement in, programs at a handful of universities that seek to promote free market values and train students for public policy-focused careers.

Headlined “Koch brothers’ higher-ed investments advance political goals,” the story detailed the Kochs’ grants to colleges and universities, that, reporter Dave Levinthal wrote, are “now a critical part of their broader campaign to infuse politics and government with free-market principles.”

According to Levinthal, Koch-backed foundations provided $19.3 million in funding for colleges and universities in 2013, a $6.6 million increase over 2012. “Funding—as well as pushback against it—is increasing,” he wrote.