Of course. This is becoming routine on college campuses now.

The Cornell Review reports.

Cornell Black Students United Deliver List of Demands to President Garrett

Cornell Black Students United’s list of demands have been released online .

The six categories of demands are listed and explained in a seven page letter that was delivered to University President Elizabeth Garrett and Vice President Ryan Lombardi on Tuesday. Here is a summary of the demands:

1. Curriculum demands:

  • Mandatory, ongoing coursework for students and training for university employees on the topic of racial, religious, gender, etc. identity “explicitly focused on systems of power and privilege in the United States and centering the voices of oppressed people”
  • Hiring of a scholar in pre-European contact African history
  • Latino studies, American Indian studies, Asian-American studies majors

2. Compositional diversity demands:

  • Hiring more black faculty, administrators, staff; increased involvement in hiring process
  • Increase university contracts with women- and minority-owned businesses

3. Mental health and wellness demands:

  • Hiring at least three more psychologists and psychiatrists in next two years; at least three more physicians of color in next four years due to “mistrust” of of medical professionals
  • Support groups and spaces for people of color, women of color, and queer people of color in regards to sexual assault

There’s more at the link below.