This is an update to a story we featured yesterday.

Nick Pappas reports at the College Fix.

Students go berserk after conservative club uses term ‘anchor babies’

YAF Gettysburg: ‘People are scared, because we’re bursting their liberal bubble surrounding this campus’

A recently approved Young Americans for Freedom student club at Gettysburg College made quite a debut on campus after its recruitment fliers used the term “anchor babies” and asked of abortion “do you enjoy hugging babies vs killing them,” among other statements.

Shortly after posting the literature, left-leaning peers at the small liberal arts school – a tight-knit community next to the historic Civil War battlefield – went berserk.

They tore down YAF’s flyers and vandalized them with swastikas and curse words, according to pictures and student interviews.

On social media, students declared the posters “racist” for using “anchor babies,” and the reference to abortion was called “triggering” and “offensive” to women who’ve had one, according to comments on Gettysburg College social media channels.

Soon after the initial round of posters went up, a parody poster was created and put up around campus that labeled the conservative students “fascists.” A conservative chalk message stating in part “protect our veterans” that Young Americans for Freedom had drawn was also washed away.

Several students declared on social media that the censorship, vandalism and mocking was deserved, since it targeted “racist … triggering … hate speech.”

“It felt like our presence wasn’t welcome on campus,” the fledgling group’s student president, Will Stechschulte, told a local Fox News affiliate. “It’s a blatant infringement on our freedom of speech by erasing our messages and literally washing away our ideas, and silencing us.”

YAF Gettysburg, on its Facebook page, noted: “People are scared, because we’re bursting their liberal bubble surrounding this campus.”