The student government at the University of Southern California is on the verge of enacting a host of far left policies.

Peter Fricke reports at Campus Reform.

Southern Cal student government considering racial quotas

The University of Southern California student government will soon vote on a resolution calling for a number of eye-popping diversity initiatives, such as requiring first-year students to take a course on diversity issues, instituting a racial quota system for admissions, and creating a $100 million scholarship fund for minority students.

The resolution, sponsored by student senator Sabrina Enriquez with support from 23 student organizations (almost all of which represent a specific national or ethnic group), was introduced to the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Governments (USG) earlier this week, and is scheduled for a vote in both chambers Tuesday night, according to The Daily Trojan. The presidents of both bodies are also listed as authors.

“Universities across the nation … are grappling with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues,” the resolution asserts, before going on to complain that while other schools “are proactively addressing these issues on their campuses through action plans … our university has failed to produce action plans to address issues of bias and discrimination.”

Noting that “students have provided live testimony of discrimination on campus,” it also claims that the existing systems for addressing diversity issues, such as the Bias Assessment Reporting form, “do not sufficiently address the problems marginalized students face on campus” because “students have reported not being taken seriously or dismissed when reporting their incidents of bias and discrimination.”