Is nothing sacred? The University of Missouri should be ashamed of this.

The Missourian reported.

Students protest Thomas Jefferson statue, call for its removal

COLUMBIA — In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “All men are created equal.” On Wednesday, the words were plastered to his forehead.

Throughout the day, students covered the Jefferson statue on the east side of the Francis Quadrangle with sticky notes displaying messages such as, “racist,” “rapist,” “slave owner” and “misogynist.” Someone added a drawing of a mustache and polka-dot bow tie.

In a campus plagued with questions regarding sexual assault and racism, some students have challenged the statue’s place on campus. In August, graduate student Maxwell Little started a petition on to remove the Jefferson statue.

The bronze statue was a gift from the trustees of the Jefferson Club and was installed in 2000 on MU’s Campus to honor the history of the university, according to the Jefferson Club’s website. MU was the first public university established within the territory of the Louisiana Purchase, which Jefferson lobbied to buy during his presidency.