The left doesn’t have much use for religion, unless it’s to promote their agenda.

The College Fix reports.

Religious studies professor: Ignoring climate change akin to sin

Scholar also calls for sabbatical year from travel every seven years to allow Earth a rest – ‘no big conferences, no academic flying’

A Northwestern University bioethicist who has called climate change the “core moral issue of our time” said she believes ignoring the phenomenon is akin to sin.

Professor Laurie Zoloth, who directs the Center for Bioethics, Science and Society at Northwestern’s School of Medicine, told The College Fix that she agrees with the suggestion recently made by the head of the Episcopal Church that ignoring climate change is “sinful.”

Zoloth, who specializes in Jewish studies, said that sin is the language of Christianity, but that “chet” – the Jewish concept of sin – means “missing the mark,” and matches with the claims made by the Episcopal leader.

“If you understand the science and its implications, and yet, you continue to live in such a way that your (Greenhouse Gas) emissions are destroying the capacity of the planet to be a safe place, I would say that your actions ‘miss the mark’ if your goal is to live a decent and just life,” Zoloth said.

The other peg of Zoloth’s argument is that of a sabbatical year, which she says is rooted in her studies of Jewish scriptures.

“I use the source texts of Jewish thought to make my arguments. For example, I use the practice of having a sabbatical year to argue that we, too, should take a year off every seven to let the earth rest. In concrete terms, for academics, that would mean no big conferences, and no academic flying,” she said.

Zoloth, the former president of the American Academy of Religion, made news last December when she used her keynote address at the group’s major conference to call for a sabbatical from the yearly conference in effort to combat climate change.