Being a Republican compromises the quality of the faculty? Some in Ithaca think so.

Fox News reports.

Cornell Professor: Hiring Republicans Would Decrease Quality of Faculty

A recent article by the Cornell University newspaper reveals a surprising lack of political diversity among the school’s faculty.

According the The Cornell Daily Sun, 96 percent of faculty political donations have gone to Democrats over the past four years.

According to the Sun, government professor Andrew Little suggested hiring Republicans would compromise the quality of Cornell’s professors. He was quoted saying, “Placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring [would] almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity.”

“It is not surprising that faculty at Cornell find the anti-scientific rhetoric of many in the Republican Party to be troublesome,” Professor Kenneth McClane, English, said. “Many of us here are scientists — we believe in global warming, since we believe what the research tells us.”