Talk about academic priorities. An all day affair on left-wing issues?

The College Fix reports.

Professors cancel classes for daylong, campuswide teach-in on racism, climate change

Many Bowdoin College professors recently canceled classes to help host a campuswide teach-in focused on the intersection between climate change, racism and social justice.

Students at the private liberal arts campus in Maine, which charges $47,744 annually in tuition, could attend panels focused on “environmental inequalities,” “a heritage of greed: colonial enterprises,” “#BlackLivesMatter vs. climate change” and “eating for a healthier planet,” among other panel topics at the daylong event.

The “Intersections: Making Connections, Moving Forward” teach-in was designed to bring the campus community together to “talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to in ways that may not be comfortable,” music Professor Mary Hunter told The Bowdoin Orient campus newspaper.

The decision to cancel class was left up to individual professors, and it’s unclear how many professors went along with the campuswide teach-in, which was met with skepticism and criticism from some scholars.

Not all professors agreed to cancel their classes, with some saying the topics were polarizing, and others suggesting it should have been held on a Saturday, the Orient reports. The newspaper added all the panels featured “Bowdoin professors, students or staff talking about various aspects of the intersection between climate change and social justice.”

Asked about the controversial nature of the event, Scott Hood, a spokesman for Bowdoin, wrote in an email to The College Fix that “a diversity of opinion was strongly encouraged at the event. Classes were not cancelled at Bowdoin that day, nor was attendance mandatory.”

For Bowdoin professors and students who did take part in the Oct. 1 event, other panels zeroed in on topics such as “Policy Pathways for Reducing CO2 Emissions,” “The Urban landscapes of Social and Environmental Inequalities,” “Wealth, Poverty and Climate Disruption” and “Who Owns the Earth,” according to the agenda.