Sadly, this type of behavior has become all too common on college campuses.

Peter Fricke of Campus Reform reported.

Pro-life flyers torn down at American University

Pro-life flyers posted by the College Republicans group at American University were torn down last night by an anonymous group, which then bragged of its exploits on Twitter.

Sam Shumate, vice president of American CR’s, told Campus Reform that about five members of his group went around campus Wednesday night posting flyers advocating for defunding Planned Parenthood, which he claimed student organizations are allowed to do without permission at AU.

At about 12:30 a.m. Thursday, a tweet was sent from the newly-created “@AUJusticeLeague” account with a photo showing a large pile of the flyers scattered atop an AU bedspread, while in the foreground the photographer makes a hand gesture traditionally reserved for obnoxious motorists.

“We had some fun with the college republican [sic] posters tonight,” the Justice League wrote teasingly. “Let us know if we missed any guys!”

Shumate said that the last of the flyers had been put up at around 10:00 p.m.—meaning they survived for about two hours at the most—and added the take-down job appears to have been quite thorough.

“I’ve walked around campus, and they got just about all of them,” Shumate reported. “I didn’t see any.”

Several CR members and other conservative students responded to the tweet, lambasting the group not only for its censorious actions, but also for hiding behind an anonymous pseudonym.

The first to engage was Andrew Magloughlin, president of the Students for Rand group at AU, who blasted the Justice League out for doing a “great job enforcing the patriarchy by referring to our entire aboard [sic] as ‘guys’ considering we’re 5/9 female.”