It’s not a bad idea. Most parents would likely want to know if there was a problem.

Jason Weaver reports at the College Fix.

We’re calling your parents – UMich pilot program cracks down on alcohol, drug abuse

University of Michigan freshmen who rack up two alcohol or drug violations won’t just have campus authorities to deal with – mom and dad will also be brought into the loop under a pilot program launched at the campus this fall.

Under the new policy, freshmen younger than 21 whose first alcohol or drug infraction involves a DUI, property damage or the need for medical attention will also get a phone call home.

Mary Jo Desprez, director of Wolverine Wellness at Michigan, said the policy is similar to ones employed by other Big Ten schools, and it aims to serve as an “early intervention” tool.

“Our actions are intended to reduce the risk of harm and increase the safety of every student,” she said in an email to The College Fix.

A notice to students announcing the policy stated in part that: “We will notify parents of first-year students when a student under the age of 21 has had a second alcohol or drug violation or when a first-year student has committed a violation accompanied by other serious behavior such as needing medical attention, significant property damage or driving under the influence.”

Although the statement to students did not say the policy would be implemented on a case by case basis, nor mention exceptions to the rule, university spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said in an email to The College Fix that “parental notification allows for exceptions, based on a student’s specific circumstances.”

Regardless, some students have bristled at the pilot program, feeling it creates something of a “Nanny State.”

“This is a continuation of a toxic culture here at Michigan, and on college campuses across America, which infantilizes college students who are adults in the eyes of the law,” Daisy Belden, president of the UM Young Americans for Liberty, said in an email to The College Fix.