Three professors all sharing the same exact view—reflexively blaming America and Israel, and bending over backwards to appease Iran. That’s higher education for you today.

Iran Nuclear Deal Apology Tour: Cornell Prof Says ‘If anyone owes them, it’s us’ (Video)

On Thursday, the Cornell International Affairs Review (CIAR) sponsored a discussion about the highly controversial nuclear agreement reached between Iran and a group of world powers, including the United States, which is known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The discussion consisted of a panel of Cornell faculty: Iago Gocheleishvili, Near Eastern studies, Elizabeth Sanders, government, and Sarah Kreps, government and law.

Unfortunately, all three professors unequivocally defended the agreement and so the discussion was entirely one-sided. The panelists’ talking points can be summed up in three points: (1) that Iran is a peace-seeking nation whose rhetoric suggesting otherwise and past actions proving otherwise are irrelevant or misunderstood; (2) that the U.S. is obligated to concede to Iran more than Iran should concede to the U.S.; and (3) anyone who opposes the deal is a warmonger.

Sanders, who is also the academic advisor for the Cornell Democrats, stood out the most in her defense of the deal. Her first remarks cited the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, which was orchestrated by the United States to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian government and instill the Shah, who ruled until 1979. In regards to this event, Sanders stated, “If anyone owes them [Iran], it’s us.” However, Sanders failed to mention at any point in the discussion the very extreme and anti-American rhetoric used by the Iranian regime, as well as the regime’s consistent sponsorship of international terrorism through proxies such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Sanders also stated that she admired the Iranian people’s capacity to “forgive” the U.S. for its role in the coup and the imposition of economic sanctions.