Frozen yogurt. That’s right, frozen yogurt. Froyo because YOLO?

USA Today reports:

College students order more frozen yogurt than any other food

College students are not generally known for their healthy eating habits. It isn’t until you leave home that you realize cooking is a lot harder than your parents made it look.

Ordering food has become a popular solution among college students trying to squelch rumbling stomachs. Over 18% of Americans get takeout once a week, and college students are no exception to the rule.

With the rise of ordering food, companies like GrubHub have exploded — providing convenient ways to get food delivered via their online and mobile online ordering platforms.

Recently GrubHub took a look at their ordering data and discovered some interesting culinary trends among college students.

Starting off is a list of the top 10 foods commonly ordered by college students compared to the the general population. Let’s see exactly what college students are eating.