Why kick the cops out? Here is their point of view. “Policing in the U.S. has always served the needs of colonialism, racism, and capitalism.”

Personal Liberty reports.

Students say kick cops out of union because … racism

It’s always fun to watch liberal utopia melt down in real time. Here’s a good one: from the intersection of big labor and racial oversensitivity.

United Auto Workers Local 2865, the University of California student-worker union, recently sent a letter to the AFL-CIO asking the union to sever ties with the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) because police officer unions do not represent the interest of workers.

Why? Because cops are racists and they work for oppressors. And oppressors hate workers, especially black ones. Duh, bro.

From the letter:

We, UAW Local 2865, call on the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) to end their affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations. It is our position that this organization is inimical to both the interests of labor broadly, and Black workers in particular. Historically and contemporarily, police unions serve the interests of police forces as an arm of the state, and not the interests of police as laborers.

Instead, their “unionization” allows police to masquerade as members of the working-class and obfuscates their role in enforcing racism, capitalism, colonialism, and the oppression of the working-class. We ask that the AFL-CIO recognize this history and take steps to serve the interests of its Black workers and community members.