Transparency isn’t Hillary Clinton’s strongest suit.

The College Fix reported.

Hillary Clinton shuts out uninvited visitors to campus speech

Some who sought access to Clinton’s talk on Cuba at public university turned away, video shows

Hillary Clinton staffers denied entrance to a group of millennials who sought to gain admittance to her speech Friday at Florida International University, where the Democratic presidential frontrunner called for the U.S. to lift the embargo against Cuba.

“We are at full capacity, this is a private event for confirmed guests only, I do apologize,” a staffer told the small group of people seeking entrance to the talk, a video obtained by The College Fix shows.

It’s just the latest example showing how the Clinton camp keeps a tight clamp on who may access her public appearances on the campaign trail.

When Clinton visited Dartmouth College in early July, her staff did not let College Republicans stand near the podium. In April, what was billed as a chance for Clinton to interact with everyday people in an Iowa coffeehouse instead turned out to be staged to the last detail, including staffers getting Democratic activists to act as regular customers.

As for the cellphone video from Florida International University – it was taken by Florida resident and Republican activist Lauren Cooley, 23, who said she was with some college Republicans. She said she was later told by at least one reporter who attended Clinton’s speech that there were empty seats in the venue that could have accommodated them.

“The very first thing that [the Clinton staffer] says is it’s full and also it’s a private event, but when we talked to people who attended we heard there were a lot of public seats,” Cooley said in an interview Sunday with The College Fix. “It’s typical of the Clinton operation to try to manage who is at the event.”