A page on the Rutgers University website said ‘There’s no such thing as free speech’ but has been changed since The Liberty Standard filed this report yesterday.

Rutgers University Says There is No Such Thing As Free Speech

Rutgers University has reached a new low by declaring on their website that “There is no such thing as “free” speech.”

The university wants students to report the acts of “bias or hate” they witness. With today’s crazy and out of control campus environment I somehow doubt that would be limited to serious acts of racism, hatred, assault, and more. When students at Rutgers start getting in trouble for “microaggressions” they didn’t know were “offensive” (such as calling America a “melting pot“) Rutgers better get ready for a steady stream of lawsuits.

The language on the site has been changed and now reads:

Think Before you Speak

Overcome Cultural Biases

Encourage peers, friends, and family members to do the same.