This sounds like a classic case of projection to me. Divestment activists are the ones with an agenda.

Breana Noble reports at the College Fix.

Professors spurn researcher critical of campus fossil fuel divestment crusades

Free speech undermined by fossil fuel divestment, scholar finds

When National Association of Scholars research associate Rachelle Peterson recently attempted to interview a Harvard professor who is part of the university’s divestment movement, he told her he advocated something close to an “affirmative consent” standard for speech.

Professor James Recht suggested that “before engaging in a conversation, both parties should disclose their political leanings and decide whether they are compatible enough for the conversation before they consent to proceed,” Peterson told The College Fix.

Suffice it to say, he hung up the phone in the middle of their conversation.

The stifling experience was one of many Peterson has encountered recently as she studies the campus fossil fuel divestment movement for the right-leaning academic group the National Association of Scholars. It’s prompted her to determine the movement “has become part of a larger war against freedom of thought and freedom of expression on campus.”

Peterson details several examples of professors unwilling to debate the merits of divestment with her in a recent article.

The Harvard professor, before abruptly hanging up, accused Peterson of having a “conflict of interest” and “hidden political agenda,” adding “in my mind you are somewhere off the radical end of Fox News.” Likewise, another college instructor backed out of an arranged interview, telling Peterson while she supports open discourse, she couldn’t discuss divestment with someone who had a “predetermined agenda.”