Well, what a surprise. Greg Piper reported at the College Fix.

Professor who compared Scott Walker to Hitler is teaching a course on ‘scholar activism’

Sara Goldrick-Rab, a sociology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, caused a firestorm last month when she publicly compared her governor, Republican Scott Walker, to Adolf Hitler in a tweet.

She poured fuel on the flames by tweeting at incoming freshmen who were Walker supporters, encouraging them not to attend the school because of Walker’s education funding policies. Then, she apologized.

Now she’s promoting a class she’s teaching this fall on “scholar activism.”

The graduate seminar will “explore the biographies and narratives of a diverse array of scholar activists, examine the sociopolitical and economic forces shaping their work, and consider what they have achieved and why,” according to the syllabus.

Students will be required to create a Twitter account if they don’t have one and follow a class-specific hashtag. Goldrick-Rab includes this ominous warning about “commitment”:

You are enrolled for reasons that are both clear and unclear, and you’ll discover more about your own objectives as we move through the semester. All I require of you is honesty and commitment. … If your commitment wavers, we will all feel it and I will ask you about it.

Students will “take turns leading” interactions with guest speakers, write blog posts and interview a scholar activist of their choosing for the class project. Though Goldrick-Rab described the scholars the class will consider as “diverse,” the academics she suggests for the class project all appear to be politically progressive.