Being too scared of offending others has stopped freedom of speech.

The College Fix reports.

Pakistani student: UC-Berkeley is so ‘politically correct that they end up stifling open discussion’

University of California-Berkeley student Shanzeh Khurram has been writing a weekly column in The Daily Californian this summer about growing up in Pakistan as a socially liberal, questioning Muslim.

She’s tackled the freedom to choose religion, pressure to conform to certain religious interpretations, gay rights and feminism, and in her latest, she sums up why she writes on such a controversial topic in spite of warnings from friends who feared for her safety:

In Pakistan, my views regarding religion were considered controversial and unorthodox. I asked too many questions. I didn’t accept things at face value. I challenged the sexism that I perceived within the religion. And for this, I was repeatedly told to shut up — sometimes before I even got a chance to say anything.

But here in Berkeley, I know that my voice won’t be censored. I have this soapbox from which I can speak out about my views.