Nothing new, but just expansion of the status quo. Raise taxes and add to the national debt.

New York Post reports.

Hillary’s ‘cure’ for college costs only spreads the disease

Millennials are used to empty promises from policymakers seeking our support for their proposals. Unfortunately for millions of us facing higher college tuitions and mounting student debt, Hillary Rodham Clinton is now taking that path, too.

Clinton last week unveiled her “New College Compact,” a sweeping $350 billion plan to provide “debt-free” education from public colleges and universities. A spokesperson billed it as a “bold transformation of how we would do higher education financing in our country.” In reality, it’s anything but bold. In fact, we’ve seen this all before — it’s just another expansion of the education status quo.

Clinton wants to raise taxes to pay for more federal grants. She wants to add to our national debt by increasing and expanding loan-forgiveness and income-based repayment programs. And she wants to enable more student-debt refinancing — which will save borrowers all of $17 per month over a standard 10-year repayment plan.
For decades, we’ve been told such government-driven solutions would be the cure for our higher-education ills. And the results? It’s only led to higher college tuition and more student debt.