Republican voters probably know what’s best for the party, not someone at Harvard. Would liberal media really be better?

Ben Shapiro reported at Breitbart.

Harvard Study Laments Conservative Media Destroying Republican Party

Last week, Jackie Calmes, national correspondent for the New York Times and Shorenstein Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School, released a study decrying conservative media’s influence on the direction of the Republican Party.

Complaining about the Republican majority’s failure to launch at the beginning of 2015—particularly their inability to shut down funding for President Obama’s executive amnesty—Calmes writes, “no drama could have better demonstrated that the leaders of the Republican Party do not fully control its agenda.”

What did? It was the nefarious conservative media, focusing incessantly on the bugaboo of immigration, according to Calmes. While in the aftermath of Mitt Romney’s devastating 2012 presidential defeat, Republicans called for immigration reform. Calmes says, “Two years later, Republicans’ positions and rhetoric on immigration could not be more contrary to that advice.”

Why? “Once allied with but now increasingly hostile to the Republican hierarchy, conservative media is shaping the party’s agenda in ways that are impeding Republicans’ ability to govern and to win presidential elections.” Characterizing such media as “new voices and scribblers,” Calmes quotes various vaunted Republican ThoughtLeaders, whining over the influence of the unwashed masses represented by the new media.