Some in academia are at war with capitalism.

The College Fix reports.

Environmental Justice 101 – Professors argue capitalism abuses poor minorities through pollution

When the Environmental Protection Agency proposed new global warming regulations last year, its leader claimed the measures were not just about saving the environment, but also “justice” for “communities of color.”

“Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a teleconference call with environmental activists. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

There is a growing movement, supported by academia, that suggests capitalism has effectively created a world in which poor and minority communities are in grave danger. The movement is called environmental justice. College students actually earn degrees in the field, and their research is used to support and advance Democratic and socialist policies.

This fall, the University of California-Riverside will begin offering a bachelor of science in sustainability and environmental justice.

Marguerite Waller, professor and chair of the department of gender and sexuality studies, said students will focus on the consequences of “unsustainable practices of extraction, industrialization, finance, corporate agriculture, air and water pollution, environmental degradation, and the forms of exploitation and denial of rights that accompany these.”