This professor likes the differences between George Mason and UCLA.

The College Fix reports.

Meet the professor who gladly left UCLA and hasn’t looked back

It’s not that Professor Tim Groseclose doesn’t get into debates with his peers at George Mason University, he does – and they’re robust and exciting exchanges.

But the difference between the debates among colleagues Groseclose has now as a professor at GMU and the ones he had while he worked as a professor at UCLA are stark.

At UCLA, as a known conservative, Dr. Groseclose’s view were shunned and unwelcomed, and he had to meet largely in secret with a cadre of like-minded peers loosely called “Group C” to engage in discourse. But at George Mason, cordial academic disagreements are allowed, encouraged and appreciated as a healthy part of campus life, he said.

“It’s incredible how vibrant the discussions are, we get into arguments all the time. And I like that, it’s fun to argue with friends and still be friends with them after the argument, and also know that they are not going to try to stab me in the back on the raise or promotion later on just because we had this disagreement,” Groseclose said in a recent telephone interview with The College Fix.