This is certainly sad if true. Ageism is a serious charge.

Colleen Flaherty of Inside Higher Ed has the story.

Too Old for Tenure

Does American University have an age discrimination problem when it comes to tenure? That’s what two former assistant professors over 50 are alleging. One is already suing the university and another plans to file a suit soon, after an unsuccessful mediation session last week.

A Faculty Senate committee also has expressed concern, saying it has found statistical evidence of possible age discrimination in recent tenure decisions. The university, meanwhile, denies the claims and says it plans to defend its decisions in court.

Loubna Skalli-Hanna, a former assistant professor in American’s School of International Service, says she did everything right to earn tenure: got rave teaching reviews, published in esteemed journals and received a contract for her third book, from Columbia University Press. And her colleagues apparently agreed. Skalli-Hanna’s bid was approved by peers at the program, school and university level, as well as her dean — leading her to believe the provost, Scott Bass, would sign off on their recommendations.

But the provost rejected her bid, saying in an April 2014 letter that her research volume wasn’t up to par and lacked sufficient impact. Bass also said she hadn’t made enough demonstrable progress on her new book in the three years since she’d received a contract. Skalli-Hanna’s previous book, Through a Local Prism: Gender, Globalization and Identity in Moroccan Women’s Magazines (Lexington Books) was published just before she earned a tenure-track position at American.

Skalli-Hanna was stunned.