This shouldn’t interfere with teaching or anything, right?

Christopher White reports at the College Fix.

University of Missouri faculty told to be on lookout for professors who use triggering language

Just three days after ‘Campus Free Expression Act’ OK’d, profs told to correct peers who use words that might offend others

Four pages of ‘inclusive terminology’ distributed at University of Missouri workplace diversity seminar

Just three days after it became unlawful in Missouri to restrict student speech to campus “free speech zones,” faculty at the University of Missouri-Columbia were advised to correct peers’ noninclusive language, otherwise known as politically incorrect terminology.

An administrator leading a workplace diversity seminar Friday told the 70 or so scholars and others in attendance that they should subtly correct peers who use vocabulary that some have deemed hurtful or offensive.

Attendees at the voluntary seminar were also given a four-page “inclusive terminology” document that instructs them on what words to use while interacting with others. The handout includes dozens of words and definitions deemed acceptable by campus leaders and diversity gurus.

“If you have a professor who you think might need a little bit of awareness, there are ways to bring that out to the person,” Amber Cheek, the university’s disability inclusion and ADA compliance manager, told the nearly standing-room-only crowd.

“Sometimes people gravitate away (from inclusive language),” Cheek added. “We all live in our own lives. We all live in our own cultural experiences … and there is always going to be a large group of people who don’t want to get out of that or who want to stay in their comfort zone. So – you have to draw them out. And sometimes the best way to do that is to pose your (chastisement) as, ‘Here is how to be a better coworker, here is how to be a better professor.’ And this is just one part of that.”