The first president in college? It might happen with a Walker victory as some raise concerns about Walker not possessing a degree.

ABC News reports.

Gov. Scott Walker Calls Possibility of Taking Online Courses to Finish Degree in WH ‘Interesting’

Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Republican governor who is considering a bid for the White House, told ABC News that the possibility of taking online courses to finish his college degree — if he were to win the presidential election and found himself at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in early 2017 — is “interesting.”

“I’ve got two sons who very, very well, before the next election, at least one of them, may have his degree and the other would be just a year out,” Walker told ABC News’ Jon Karl.

“Part of it was I wanted to make sure they went through and got what they needed,” he said.

Walker — in Iowa to attend GOP Iowa Sen. Jon Ernst’s “Roast and Ride” event — left Marquette University without a degree more than two decades ago. According to Fusion, President Harry Truman was the last U.S. president who did not have a college degree.

During the interview, Walker acknowledged the difficulty of finishing his degree while considering a presidential bid.