I guess we now know where the College Democrats stand on this issue.

Nick Pappas of Breitbart reported.

College Democrats of America President Threatened With Impeachment, Attacked for Israel Support

The College Democrats of America (CDA) is in turmoil this week, with its president facing impeachment after being accused of pro-Israel allegiances and charged with improper conduct.

The College Democrats of America is the official college-outreach arm of the Democratic Party. With the publication of two articles today, the organization’s chaos and infighting has spilled into the public sphere. The last 24 hours have made it clear that Democratic support for Israel ought be viewed with suspicion and that opposition to Obama’s farce of a nuclear deal with Iran has no place in the Party. It turns out not even CDA’s president is immune from such attacks.

On Tuesday, the organization began impeachment proceedings against its sitting President, Natasha McKenzie, reelected to a second term only last week.

In an article published on Daily Kos, an anonymous member of CDA’s Executive Board wrote that the reasons for impeachment included “a series of well-publicized allegations of intimidation, corruption, chaos, and other concerns raised followed the 2015 National Convention.”

The author’s claim of “corruption” hyperlinks to another story about McKenzie, written by the same author hours earlier. This article highlights an award given last week by CDA to The American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) and an award given by AIPAC to CDA President Natasha McKenzie in March. In this earlier post, also on the Daily Kos, the author lambasts CDA for allowing Jonathan Kessler, AIPAC’s Leadership Development Director and a lifelong Democrat, to speak at the CDA national convention, accusing AIPAC of being incompatible with the Democratic Party. It also questions McKenzie’s dual allegiances to the groups. McKenzie has been a decorated and vocal supporter of the US-Israel relationship, and apparently that has no place in today’s Democratic party.