The same media that protected Obama’s sealed academic records now wants to make an issue out of Scott Walker’s lack of them.

Are people supposed to interpret this article by Nicholas Carnes and Naom Lupu in any other way? Media bias against Republicans isn’t just real, it’s stunning.

Scott Walker didn’t finish college. Would that make him a bad president?

Next week, Scott Walker is expected to announce that he’s running for president. When he does, he’ll give voters a decision many have never faced in their lifetimes: should you vote for someone without a college degree for President of the United States?

These days it’s rare for someone without a college diploma to get picked for an internship, let alone stand for the highest office in the country. Walker’s opponents have sparkling resumes from college and beyond: Jeb Bush graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Marco Rubio has an honors law degree, Ted Cruz went to Princeton and then Harvard Law School, Hillary Clinton’s law degree is from Yale.

Walker’s last degree, on the other hand, came from Delavan-Darien High School. Throughout his career, Walker’s opponents have often pounced on this aspect of his biography. In February, Howard Dean called Walker “unknowledgeable” and questioned, “How well-educated is this guy?” In May, John Morgan—an influential Democratic campaign donor—put the case against Walker even more bluntly: “We just cannot have a dumb shit as president.”

As the campaign wears on, voters are going to hear a lot more about the fact that Walker didn’t finish college. Should they care?