We reported on this story yesterday but this is an update. The story was picked up by the Philadelphia Inquirer which suggests that there’s real trouble brewing here.

Lincoln prof blasts ‘dirty Jewish’ thugs, ‘homo uprising,’ and ‘sluts’

A longtime Lincoln University professor drew ire from Pennsylvania officials in 2010 when he called for the destruction of Israel and questioned whether the Holocaust ever happened.

But Kaukab Siddique, a 72-year-old associate professor of English, kept his job. Now he’s mouthing off again.

“Don’t be scared of these dirty Jewish Zionist White Supremacist thugs,” he wrote in a Facebook post in May.

Earlier this month he wondered why it took Bill Cosby’s accusers so long to come forward. Is it because “many women are sluts”?

He also opined on gays in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide: “The servants of Allah, will oppose Obama’s homo uprising . . . ”

Siddique was off campus for the summer and did not return an e-mail for comment on his remarks, many of which were first reported in the Daily Beast.

Lincoln, a historically black university in Chester County, said Wednesday that it planned no action against Siddique, though it condemned his remarks and noted that they do not represent the views of the university.

As a “state-related” university in the same class as Temple, Penn State, and the University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln receives some state funding but is not part of the Pennsylvania system of higher education.

“His latest activities, like his earlier writings, statements and activities, are an insult to women and other groups singled out,” the university said in a statement. “Like all faculty members, he is entitled to express his personal views in conversation or in public forums, as long as he does not present such opinions as the views of the university.”