What a simple solution to the rape culture problem. Gender segregation.

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reports.

Missouri Might Fight Rape By BANNING Women From Frats

The University of Missouri at Columbia is considering a policy that would ban women from going into frats on weekends, in a very paternalistic attempt to protect them from harm.

The plan, first released last week, would bar women from being inside male fraternities between 10 P.M. and 3 A.M. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, as well as every night during the first week of term. The proposal was crafted at school’s request by a group of male alumni who serve on the alumni boards of Missouri’s male fraternities.

Even thought the policy would substantially affect women, Mizzou’s sororities were not consulted about the proposal beforehand, and as a result many of them are sharply attacking something that is intended to protect them. As a result, the Panhellenic Association (PHA), which represents most of Mizzou’s sororities, has released a letter explicitly condemning the plan as sexist in nature.

“The goal is to address the safety of women students in fraternity houses, but the proposal was written by men who are not entrenched in daily campus, fraternity and sorority life,” the letter says. “By restricting women from certain locations under the guise of ‘safety,’ this policy lends itself to the notion that women cannot make choices for themselves.”