Now that Columbia’s mattress girl has released her own sex tape, Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller asks a very good question.

Is Emma Sulkowicz The First Porn Star To Attend The SOTU?

I have to admit, I used to be skeptical about Emma Sulkowicz, AKA Mattress Girl. It seemed odd that the Columbia University student was protesting an alleged rape by carrying a mattress around campus. Things became even stranger when it turned out there was no proof whatsoever of any rape, and even weirder still when voluminous evidence surfaced that she remained friends with her alleged rapist even after he supposedly brutalized her.

Sure, Sulkowicz became a media darling, and she even attended this year’s State of the Union address at the invitation of Kirsten Gillibrand. But despite this compelling evidence, I was unwilling to accept that an accusation of rape served as its own proof.

Well, now I may have to reconsider that opinion. Blake Neff reports:

Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia graduate famous across the country as “Mattress Girl” after she hauled a mattress around campus for a year to protest the school’s handling of her alleged rape, has apparently released a sex tape recreating her alleged rape.