Remember, the speech police are always listening.

Greg Piper of the College Fix reports.

A professor who criticized Hamas is being vilified by his university – and people are paying attention

Every so often a new poster child for academic vilification emerges.

The University of North Carolina-Wilmington’s Mike Adams fought for seven years with the administration over its alleged discrimination against him for his vocal conservative Christian views.

John McAdams of Marquette University, a Catholic school, is similarly locking horns with his administration for trying to fire him, because he outed a younger colleague for her treatment of a student who opposes gay marriage.

Months after going on leave following a kerfuffle over a single Facebook post last summer, Connecticut College’s Andrew Pessin is finding new support among observers who say he’s been railroaded for his views – completely mainstream views, at that.

The College Fix previously covered Pessin’s case: The self-proclaimed “only Jewish professor on campus who openly advocates for Israel” referred to terrorist group Hamas as a “rabid pit bull” on Facebook, a student complained that Pessin was demeaning all Palestinians, and all hell broke loose.

David Bernstein, a professor at George Mason University, gave the highest-profile nod to Pessin in April, writing in the Washington Post that while Pessin’s pit-bull analogy was “poorly written” and confusing, it was clear from his other posts that Pessin had nothing against Palestinians or Gazans.

Bernstein said the student media campaign against Pessin was “obviously coordinated” – the complainant founded her high school’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine – and one of the op-eds against him was “perhaps even libelous.” Even the editor in chief of the college paper “co-authored a petition” against Pessin. All this hubbub led to threats against Pessin and his family.