This is an update to our recent post about Boise State University.

From the Washington Post.

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit

At Boise State University in Idaho, a campus organization — just one of many at the 22,000-student school — wanted to have its voice heard. At two events last year — one called “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust” and another called “What Has Roe Done for Us?” — the pro-life Abolitionists4Life sought to display imagery of abortions. This was in line with their mission: to end it.

“We seek to raise awareness to our generation through equipping students to become abortion abolitionists who will courageously bring to light the suppressed issue of abortion in our society today,” the group’s Web site reads.

The university didn’t like the idea. In fact, an administrator insisted the group display warning signs about the imagery, as was supposed to be done at any campus event involving “controversial issues, specifically graphic pictures” — as Abolitionists4Life’s subsequent lawsuit against the school, claiming free speech violations, claimed.

Now, the university has settled with Abolitions4Life, paying the group $20,000 — $100 for damages and the rest for legal fees, as the Idaho Statesman reported.