How are conservatives treated at Stanford?

The Stanford Review reports.

Conservatism on Campus

Stanford, like any other college campus, cultivates a strong atmosphere of liberal thought. But amongst the loud voices of the liberal majority, stand conservative students. What is it like for these students whose ideas are different from those that are largely accepted on campus?

Abby Fanlo, President of the Stanford Conservative Society, pointed out the benefits of being conservative at Stanford: “I’ve had great conversations with people I’ve disagreed with, and as a result, opened my mind to new things. I’ve also been able to develop my own conservative convictions even stronger through debate and discussion.

That’s something about being a political minority: you’re always forced to defend your beliefs.” Moreover, Fanlo sees that conservative students bring a lot to the campus community. “As a conservative leader, you get a lot of people asking you why you believe what you believe and wanting to have discussions.” Conservative students bring much needed dialogue and questioning to a place that often presents only one “correct” way of thinking.

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