If you took the June 6 SAT, you may be able to take it again for free… because what every prospective college goer wants is to take the SAT yet again.

From USA Today:

College Board to offer free SAT after administering exam with faulty instructions

The College Board has announced that it will allow high school students who took the SAT the June 6 exam to take the October 3 exam for free, after the organization had to discount two sections of the June exam due to incorrect instructions for those parts.

The instructions on the last section of the June 6 exam incorrectly stated that students would have 25 minutes to complete the section — the correct amount of time should have been printed to reflect a 20 minute time period. Educational Testing Services —the company that provided the test booklets for all of the students taking the test that day —reported the error to the College Board.

Approximately 487,000 students took the SAT exam on June 6, one of them being Todd Doyle, a rising high school senior from Sewickley, Penn.

“Although the printing error regarding the time allotted for my final reading section was minor, it was enough to confuse me about what kind of questions to expect. Any student who spent sufficient time studying for the SAT should have caught that mistake,” Doyle says.