Students engaged in a hunger strike to protest janitorial layoffs have a new reason to be upset — the university is in no hurry to meet their “demands.”

WHDH reports:

Hunger striking students frustrated with university response

MEDFORD, Mass. (AP) – Tufts University students on a hunger strike over janitor layoffs say they’re frustrated at the university’s response.

Members of the student group the Tufts Labor Coalition say they met with university officials Tuesday as five hunger strikers living in tents on the campus green entered their third day without food.

They said the hunger strikers are experiencing physical weakness, but their commitment remains strong.

The student group said no agreement was reached, but the administration requested another meeting Wednesday.

The group wants the university to halt plans to lay off some 35 janitors in June until contract negotiations can begin next spring.

A Tufts spokeswoman says Executive Vice President Patricia Campbell and Vice President for Operations Linda Snyder met with students to request negotiations, but students did not agree to negotiations, instead agreeing to Wednesday’s meeting.

Nicole Joseph, a freshman who attended Tuesday’s meeting, expressed frustration with the administration’s response so far.

“It didn’t make sense: they expressed concern about ending the strike, but came to the meeting with no proposals or plans of negotiating to meet workers’ and students’ demands,” she said in a statement.