Because of course they do. Who did you think was going to make this happen, Massachusetts?

Blake Neff of the Daily Caller reports.

Texas On Brink Of Legalizing Concealed Carry At All Colleges

Texas lawmakers late Tuesday night took a big step towards legalizing the concealed carry of firearms at all of the state’s colleges, including private ones.

The state’s House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to the “campus carry” bill just minutes before a midnight deadline arrived, which would have killed the bill for the year.

Final passage on Wednesday appears inevitable, which will lead to conference with the state Senate, which has passed a similar bill already. They will have to move fast to create a final version, as the bill must be passed and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott by June 1 to become law. Abbott has pledged to sign the bill if it is passed.

House Democrats made a major effort to defeat the bill via procedural methods, barraging it with over a hundred amendments in an effort to hold it up before it could be passed. However, the amendments were dropped as midnight approached, giving House Republicans an opening for a procedural vote that approved the bill 101-47.

Democrats, however, successfully attached an amendment that they hope will kill the bill. Rather than simply having the law apply to all public colleges, it will now apply to private ones as well. Some Democrats think this will cause Republicans to think twice before passage.